Wednesday, June 18, 2008

thinking + linking





still shots of the famous opening sequence to the "powers of 10,"
a film by ray + charles eames (1968, 1977) that explores the variety
of scales we address as designers in our work.
images courtesy of, also an interesting website to explore.

one of the greatest things i enjoy about being a designer is thinking greater than my own projects and interpretations...and linking beyond to the whole course of humanity. that awesome responsibility calls for us all to be engaged citizens of the world and to strive to understand the human condition at many scales. for our work, we mostly concern ourselves with the most immediate environment, the interior, as it shapes human experience and as our foibles, hopes, dreams, and aspirations in turn shape the world around. as you move from schematics into design development, keep the humanity in your projects and remember that a key aspect to being a designer involves thinking out loud in physical form by linking to the fundamental need for human beings to find comfort, mystery, and joy in the places in which we live, work, and celebrate.
don't forget your own design philosophies + manifestos as you make this critical shift toward design development. in your projects we should see your efforts as designers to fully articulate your vision for a better world. see the powers of 10 website.

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